Break your

Social Media


Are you in control of your social media use or are the social media algorithms controlling you? Most people waste 3 - 7 hours on social media every day. These are 1825 hours, a total of 76 days a year.

Think about all the projects you could have finished. The fantastic time you could have had with your friends. The A's in your Exams. The Business you could have started...

How Social Media Is Ruining Your Life 💉

Wasting Time ⏰

Social Media is wasting hours of our life that we are never getting back. 

Always Distracted 📵 

Social Media is ruining our ability to concentrate and focus for long periods. Deep work is essential for productivity and impossible with a social media addiction.

Mental Health 👺 

Social Media is making us constantly compare our life with others which leads to low self-esteem. 

Maybe you feel like there is no way out...

We did too.

We had the same problem and couldn't stand it anymore. For that reason we developed a unique method to break the chains. So you can do the same! 

We have developed a unique method to reprogram your mind and become a conscious social media user with full control.

In 40 days, we are going to break the habit and install a new one that is serving you and no one else. No company, no algorithm - just YOU!

How it works:

The commitment group

All members of Phase One are going to join our accountability group. In there, we will keep you accountable for the next 40 days.

A unique proven method

We will give you a unique proven way that will reprogram your mind to gain full control over your social media use. 

Free of charge unless... 

The program is free of charge unless you break the rules. The algorithms are tricky and hard to battle. Therefore, we have a strict curriculum. If you stick to your goals and commitment, it's 100% free.

We want you to win!

To keep you on track, our team is going to check your screen times daily. Suppose you break your commitment and overindulge in social media, you have to pay 20€. If you refuse to pay, you have to leave the group.

The Benefits you will receive 

More Awareness 👁

Strengthen your awareness. Use your phone as a tool to train your awareness and the observer mind.

Increased Self-Esteem 🦁 

While not being confronted with the "amazing" lives of all your celebrity friends, you can enjoy your own life at your own pace. 

Valuable Lifetime ⏳

Time for the things you love.

Laser Focus 🦅

Get things done faster than ever before. 

More Willpower 💪🏻

Strengthen and iron your willpower.

Break your Social Media Addiction!